Thursday, April 30, 2015

Old Goats Day One
Well, it was my first time out with the “Old Goats” as Trinity beat the Rams! In attendance was Mike Jutz, who I remember from the old days. I met Tim Roller and George Secrest. I rode to the game with Dave and his Dad. As I was early to Dave’s house, I chatted with Paula in the living room, then we stepped outside for a moment. Their daughter came out on the porch too. We went back in and I sat down in the same seat that I had been in and crunch! I thought what was that? I moved and there was his daughters glasses, broken. Paula started laughing and I felt terrible!
Then Dave came in late as usual. He put on his good looking red Manual shirt. He handed me, still in the package, the old goats shirt that I had ordered. It was too wrinkled to wear. Off to his Dad’s house to pick him up.
Running a little late, we still got a good parking place! As we are walking in, the first person I recognize was Shelby, a Manual cheerleader and friend of my daughters. We continue our walk to the concession stand for supper. We stop to buy a Trinity program, $5.00, are you kidding me never mind! It’s a good thing Tim Roller bought one, we all just looked at his. We go to the restroom and as I was relieving myself I think Dave was peeking over at me because I swear I heard him say “wow”! After washing our hands, yes Old Goats have good hygiene too, we got some rubber hamburgers brats and drinks. I think at the end of the season we should tell which football team has the best food! As we walk up to the top of the awesome Trinity Stadium I run into a couple of Okolona baseball friends. One of them is a coach, Tim Sievert, we all call him King Sievert because all the parents want their kids to be on his team. I take my spot on the top row while meeting Tim and George. I take my seat and look around for some other classmates. I didn’t see anyone that looked familiar except my daughter and her friends. I know Manual is not the same school I went to from 1978 to 1981. Manual started to change my Junior year when YPAS opened up. That is another story, back to the game.
Manual was looking good although I am not a fan of the black trim color in the uniforms. This was the first game I had been to since 1988. Manual lost to Trinity in that game too! As I listen to these guys talk and holler they seem to know a lot about football and especially Manual Football. I do believe one day they will take over the press box and call the offensive plays! When the game started, the Old Goats stood up! I looked up at Dave and he said “oh yea we stand the whole game”! Tim and George were talking about some more shirts they were going to order for the Old Goats. As I put my order in, I’m wondering, “ I know one day they will escort Tim and George out but will they get us all because were wearing matching shirts”? Anyway, we will cross that bridge later. The September 1st, 2006 night was a little on the chilly side and a good night for Manual football. We came out on the losing end but the first night with the Distinguished “Old Goats” was a great one!

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